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Formerly the Head of Talent with a multinational internet corporation, Lakshmi Keerthi believes that “…the true essence of live exists on the vibrant streets of our country”. Work took her to Kolkata, Jaipur, Gujarat, Delhi, Mumbai and other cities where she dared to look beyond the steel and glass façade of her office & hit the streets to mingle with the local artisans & karigars in the bustling bazaars. Inspired by the craftsmanship, Lakshmi dreamt of

nurturing their diverse art under one roof. The story of a Computer Science Engineer & an Alumnae of IIM-B thus took a turn into starting a brand in 2009 that became one of the leading bespoke wedding design labels & is currently a leading wedding lounge.
Lakshmi calls her designs ‘very traditional, royal & heritage, yet bearing a contemporary touch’ – styles that get typically reflected in La’kiru Weddings.